LUKOIL is proud of its partner "PWR racing team" for its first victory in STCC!

PWR Racing Team's driver and owner, Daniel Haglöf, took the team's first win in STCC on Saturday afternoon. Daniel, who was P1 in three of four sessions on Friday, made use of the speed the team found the car in the best possible way when he after only a few laps passed championship leader Björk. Daniel did not step back on the pace and and crossed the finish line as the clear winner 26 laps later.

- This feels absolutely huge. Really huge. This has been a dream ever since I started racing professionally. To also win with my own team, huge. Did I say huge?

The team, who drove their first STCC season (TTA) in 2012, has scored several podiums over the past years. The team's other driver, Emma Kimiläinen, had for example taken two third places earlier this season.

- This is the biggest thing you can win in Swedish racing, and to have been able to build this team with Daniel from an entirely new company, to having Daniel on the top of the podium three years later, it's something I rank high among things I've accomplished, says Poker Wallenberg.

During race two Emma relatively quickly drove herself up to third place after passing Ekblom among others. From there she passed Göransson up to second place which seemed relatively secure for a while, until the rain began to fall. Daniel who had drove himself from tenth to third place passed Emma after she misjudged the grip and left the track.

In conclusion, PWR Racing Team scored the following placements this weekend: 1-2-4-5.

- The whole team is of course enormously pleased with the success and I can probably speak for everyone when I say we are really hungry for the final on Ring Knutstorp in two weeks! Ends team principal Daniel Andersson.

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