LUKOIL Lubricants Europe Oy is announcing tender Nr. 0604/2015 for PROVISION PACKED PRODUCT DELIVERIES EU

Lukoil Lubricants is delivering the European Market from several plants. The framework of this Tender is the transportation of packet goods, mainly carton boxes & barrels from two plants to selected European markets.

Dispatch Addresses:

Lukoil Lubricants Europe Oy
Lubricant Plant Hamina
Ölysatamantie 6
FI-49460 Hamina

Lukoil Lubricants Austria GmbH
Ölhafen Lobau - Uferstrasse 8
A-1220 Wien / Vienna

Transports should be execute to the following countries:

For Transports to Austria, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Norway and Sweden a hydraulic loading lift is a prerequisite to unload at the customers (For deliveries under 12t).
Returns from Customers should also be handled by the future Service Provider. The costs for returns should not exceed the delivery costs to the respective destination.

To request Tender Documentation please contact Mr.Tamas Toth tamas.toth@lukoil.com

Tender date: 18.06.2015