LUKOIL Lubricants Europe Oy is announcing tender Nr. 0202/2015 for Viscocity modifiers manufacturing machinery

Tender date: 31.03.2015

Competitive bidding item: Viscocity modifiers manufacturing machinery

Technical information:

-with the machinery  has to be possible to dissolve all available viscosity modifiers grades without using shredder machine or guillotine for pre handling the polymer blocks.

-machinery will be assembled in 10 m3 vessel. The vessel isn`t included in this tender.

-the tender includes following machinery: mixer, in-lined unit, electric cabinet electric cabinet  is not included the delivery but the design of the cabinet is included the offer, without assembling work.

-tender includes the design, documentation of the vessel (10 m3) where the purchased machinery will  installed.

-delivery terms DDU City Hamina Finland

To request Tender Documentation please contact irina.ratkovskaya@lukoil.com