LUKOIL Lubricants Europe Oy is announcing tender Nr. 0801/2014 to provide transhipment services for liquid products in 2014-2015

Lukoil Lubricants Europe Oy is announcing tender Nr. 0801/2014 to provide transhipment services for liquid products in 2014-2015. Please find Technical requirements below.

Tender date: September 22, 2014

Bid submission: before September 15, 2014 via currier mail to

Lukoil Lubricant Europe Oy

Äyritie 20, 01510 Vantaa, Finland.

Irina Ratkovskaya


Required services:

  • Transhipment of Lukoil liquid cargo for the needs of Lukoil Lubricants Europe Oy from tanker-vessel to terminal in Antwerp or Hemiksem, from terminal to roadtrucks;
  • Storage
  • Paperwork;
  • Preparation of shipment documents.

Description and characteristics of the product:

The cargo is classified as non-hazardous – mineral oils.

Nominal capacity:

850-1000 m3 of each tank

Loading tolerance:

+/-200 liters

Loading place:

Antwerp or Hemiksem, Belgium


Shipping region: Antwerp or Hemiksem, Belgium


Expected annual volume of liquid oil products by lot: 25,000 Mt.


Requirements for service providers:

  • The candidate  must have proven international experience in transhipment/storage of liquid cargo not less than 10 years;
  • There must be access to information about the candidate and its services on the Internet. The candidate  must have its own website;
  • The candidate  must have own equipment (minimum 2 tanks) with capacity of 850-1000 Mt each in order to provide the service of transhipment of liquid cargo from tanker-vessel to terminal, from terminal to roadtrucks;
  • The candidate must have the possibility to store minimum of 2 different grades of base oils LUKOIL.
  • The candidate must have experience in provision of comprehensive services on transhipment of base oils or similar cargo from vessel to terminal tanks/ from tanks to roadtrucks. Documentary evidence of the candidate ’s sustained experience (for at least 3 years) in providing similar services is required;
  • The transhipment terminal must have a current stock of a set of pump equipment and flow meter in working condition that can be used to carry out quantitative control over transhipment with an error of at most 0.2 % of the transhipment volume; There must be a certified heating equipment;
  • The candidate  must provide a written guarantee from the terminal proven the capability of handling at least 100 roadtrucks with cargo belonging to Lukoil Lubricants Europe Oy in a



  • The candidate must be able to ensure uninterrupted cargo transhipment and shipping, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day;
  • The candidate  must be able to pay and receive payments in different currencies;
  • The candidate must provide evidence of its liability for the cargo in its tanks with the coverage of not less than 1.400.000 EUR.
  • The candidate must be able to offer a deferred payment of 30 days from the date the invoice is issued;
  • The candidate must retain its rates services for the entire duration of the contract, but not for less than 6 months.
  • The candidate must prepare and provide a full package of transhipment and shipping documents in form as required by Lukoil Lubricants Europe Oy.
  • The candidate must have a capability to provide an additional separated tank with minimum capacity of 500 m3.


Shipping requirements

  • Tranship the cargo of Lukoil Lubricants Europe Oy to terminal tanks and ship it to roadtrucks according to the application from Lukoil Lubricants Europe Oy;
  • The candidate  must organize the necessary cargo handling and transfer work based on the application received from Lukoil Lubricants Europe Oy;
  • The candidate must keep records of shipments. It must inform Lukoil Lubricants Europe Oy about the current level of stocks by sending reports electronically to the addresses ShirinkinVS@lukoil.com, BoldyrevEI@lukoil.com;
  • The candidate must immediately inform Lukoil Lubricants Europe Oy by email of phone of any accidents and other incidents hindering timely transhipment/shipment of cargo or threatening cargo safety while stored;



To request Tender Documentation please contact irina.ratkovskaya@lukoil.com