LLE signed a contract with KEOLIS Sverige AB

LUKOIL Lubricants Europe OY (LLK-International’s subsidiary) has signed a contract with KEOLIS Sverige AB with an annual volume of approx. 500 m3 starting January 2014.The biggest volume will be LUKOIL AVANTGARDE PROFESSIONAL LS 10W-40 and AVANTGARDE PROFESSIONAL LA 15W-40.

Keolis is one of Europe's leading public transport operators, established in 14 countries on four continents. In Sweden KEOLIS it’s one of the biggest public transport companies. Keolis transports totally 2,2 billion passengers per year.

Keolis vehicle park contains 1900 busses in Sweden whereof 1100 in Stockholm. There are several bus brands using different fuels such as: RME, biogas, ethanol and diesel. Therefore the needs of specific lubricants specifications are essential.  With Lukoil's combined specifications per product the company has been able to decrease the number of different lubricant products and made it both easier and cost saving for the customer.