LLK-International has won a tender for first fill of Geely cars with LUKOIL oils.

LLK-International has won a tender for first fill of Geely cars with LUKOIL ATF and LUKOIL ТМ-4 SAE 75W90 transmission oils. Geely is manufactured in Russia at the DERWAYS plant.

LUKOIL ATF is an all-season universal oil with a viscosity that insignificantly depends on the operating temperature, with stable anti-friction characteristics and improved anti-corrosive qualities. The oil’s high antioxidant stability prevents its destruction.  LUKOIL ATF is intended for use in automatic transmissions of cars and trucks where the manufacturer demands compliance with the requirements of the DEXRON IIIG specification.

LUKOIL ТМ-4 SAE 75W90 is a transmission oil made on the basis of high-quality mineral and modern synthetic base oil components using a highly effective set of additives that improve the operating qualities of the oils.  The oil has been developed for mechanical gear boxes and differentials of vehicles, including cars and trucks for which API GL-4 (ТМ-4) standard oils are recommended. The oil’s advantages include excellent thermo-oxidant stability and long and reliable service life of transmission parts under conditions of high loading and over a broad temperature range.

DERWAYS motor company was set up in 2002 as the first private company in Russia to manufacture and assemble vehicles.  The objective of founding the company was to develop and manufacture cars that meet the latest comfort requirements and safety standards. The plant’s production capacity is 100,000 vehicles per year.