On the 3rd July, a WORLD OFF-ROAD TOUR started from the Manezhnaya Square, the zero kilometer point of the Russian road connection. The Tour was routed through five continents to pass over 50 counties for the whole distance of more than 150 000 kilometers. It is notable that three "Nissan" diesel-powered off-road vehicles run on our motor oil, LUKOIL AVANTGARDE. Before the start, at the Red Square "zero kilometer" point, Sergey Starodubtsev, the Head of the Sales Management Department, greeted the participants of the Tour on behalf of LLK-International. The Organizing Committee of the World Tour has invited our company to take place in some part of this fascinating expedition.   

The Project WORLD TOUR 4Х4 will be pronounced the first interactive round-the-world voyage widely covered by mass media in the Russia's history. The Project was sponsored by TOSHIBA and ASUS companies and under the technical support of LLK-International.    

Today, on the 11th of August, the World Tour participants arrived at Novosibirsk. After a short recreation stop and maintenance checkup, the travelers will continue their hard route. Ahead is Mongolia.

The coordinates for the date of August 11th 2008    54, 88 117
                                                                         82, 99 067