In April 2008, LLK-International (a 100% subsidiary of OAO LUKOIL) started the production of motor oils with a unique "NEW FORMULA" package in the newly designed cans.

New LUKOIL oils are produced from the best base oils and a set of additives providing "advanced protection" of engines.

"NEW FORMULA" package generates a solid and flexible film on the internal engine surface reliably protecting it against wear under any driving conditions. The tests implemented on engines of foreign manufacture have demonstrated that the elasticity of oil protective layer increased almost two times in the zone of minimum clearance. It is especially relevant to the operation of modern engines. The LUKOIL LUXE oils have been tested to reveal the engine friction factor reduced by 20-25% that allows increasing engine performance and diminishing fuel consumption at least by 2.5%.

The new LUKOIL LUXE oils have already been approved by the leading automotive producers such as BMW Longlife-98, PORSCHE, VW 502 00/505 00. The AVANGARD ULTRA oil has also been approved by the leading manufacturers of diesel engines for commercial transport and heavy machinery, such as MAN, Cummins, Renault Trucks and Volvo. In particular, to meet the international approval, the Program of field engine tests for estimating operational characteristics using API and ACEA methods was launched. The tests were carried out at the leading laboratories of the United States and Europe.

LUKOIL LUXE (synthetic and semi-synthetic) oils for petrol engines of foreign manufacture, and LUKOIL AVANGARD ULTRA oils for diesel engines have worked up the premium segment of the oil market.

"The fact that the Company has taken the premium segment of the motor oil market denotes the following step of LUKOIL on the way to reaching the highest international standards of lubricants production. These quality modifications indicate the application of innovation techniques in Russian oil refining", said Vladimir Nekrasov, the First Vice-President of OAO LUKOIL.

Beginning from April 2008, the LUKOIL oils bottled in 1, 4 and 5-liter cans, will be produced only at the LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsintez refinery, where a new line for oil production with an annual capacity of 148 thousand tons has been commissioned.

The newly designed can is made of modern materials using ergonomic principles and has several levels of copy protection. The can walls are three-layered with in-mould labels and laser codes indicating production time and date. For the first time in Russia and in the world, the industry of motor oil packaging has used bi-polymer two-colour relief caps that along with the other technologies completely prevent artisanal copying.

The range of LUKOIL oils bottled in newly designed cans:

-          LUKOIL LUXE (gold can),


-          Oils for commercial transport LUKOIL AVANTGARDE, LUKOIL AVANTGARDE EXTRA, LUKOIL AVANTGARDE ULTRA (blue can)