Lukoil Lubricants continues its strong growth in Scandinavia, something that was confirmed by a supply agreement in March with Veho Cars, one of the largest Mercedes-dealers and traders of the Year 2015.

- We are very proud to start supplying Lukoil lubricants to Veho Cars and look forward to a long and giving cooperation. Our employees have a long experience in the industry and we know how important it is to offer flexible solutions and having a local presence, says Johan Lind who is the sales manager of Lukoil in Scandinavia.

Veho Car is family owned and was founded in Finland in 1939. Today, Veho Group Oy have over 2,000 employees, making it the largest dealer of Mercedes-Benz in Scandinavia. 2007 The first facility in Sweden was open back in 2007, in the attractive area of Smista Avenue in Segeltorp, Stockholm. After the takeover of the facilities of Philipssons in western Sweden in 2011, Veho Bil also become represented in Örebro and Karlstad.

Lukoil is one of the world's biggest oil companies with over 150,000 employees in more than 60 countries.

Lukoil´s 350 different products are produced in Finland and Austria, where also the head office for Europe is located.

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