LUKOIL Lubricants Europe GmbH
LUKOIL Lubricants Europe GmbH

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PJSC LUKOIL is a Russian publicly traded, vertically integrated Oil and Gas Company. One of many downstream subsidiaries of PJSC LUKOIL are LUKOIL LUBRICANTS.

In 2011 the subsidiary for European lubricants market was formed and named LUKOIL LUBRICANTS EUROPE.

LUKOIL LUBRICANTS EUROPE's headquarter were established in Vantaa, Finland but was transferred to Vienna, Austria in February 2014 following the acquisition of OMV lubricants business in Austria.

The main business are production, trading, and export of lubricants.

The EUROPEAN MARKET is supplied with finished lubricants from LUKOIL's three wholly owned blending plants in Europe. They are located in Finland, Austria and in Romania. The lubricants are distributed to North, Central and Western Europe which are sold through LUKOIL's European Branches and an extensive dealer network.

In 2016 LUKOIL LUBRICANTS EUROPE completed the construction of a reservoir park in Vienna, Austria. This is the new European hub to optimize the logistics of base oil and enhance the competitiveness of LUKOIL's finished products in Europe.

Today LUKOIL LUBRICANTS is one of the leaders in the development and production of lubricants made for the most demanding conditions. The wide range of products meet the most advanced operating requirements and specifications of vehicle and equipment manufacturers. LUKOIL is among the largest publicly traded companies worldwide by production and got over 150 new approvals from leading OEM manufacturers.


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