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LUKOIL Lubricants Europe GmbH



Gaining practical experience, learning for life and meeting new people - that's an internship at LUKOIL Lubricants!

As diverse as our areas of activity and the European countries in which we operate are, as different are the possibilities that we offer students at LUKOIL Lubricants.

Seize the opportunity to get to know us during a summer internship or a compulsory internship and contribute to shape the future of LUKOIL Lubricants together with your colleagues.

In coordination with the respective department, we align the curriculum of your studies with the practical working life and thus enable you to contribute, deepen and expand the knowledge you have already gained.

In addition, we are constantly expanding our cooperations with the universities of applied sciences in order to create an even better synergy between theory and practice.


Your first step into professional life - a summer internship at LUKOIL Lubricants!

Use the lecture-free period in February or the summer months from July to September to get an insight into working life in a growing European company and gain valuable professional experience alongside your studies. Our summer internships offer you the ideal opportunity to discover your personal strengths and interests and, depending on your level of education and experience, to get involved in various daily business topics or to participate in small projects.




Combine theory and practice, enhance your knowledge and prepare for a career - an internship with meaning and perspective!

You are student at a university of applied sciences and have to complete a mandatory internship as part of the curriculum? Then you are exactly right with LUKOIL Lubricants! As a growing company with a European presence and an extensive field of activity we offer ideal conditions to get to know everyday working life in an international context and to put the theory you have learned into practice.


Creating and developing knowledge together - our motivation for cooperating with universities of applied sciences

LUKOIL Lubricants has been cooperating with selected universities of applied sciences in Austria for several years now and has set itself the goal of further expanding cooperations in the university segment in the future. The partnership with educational institutions is an essential factor to unite science and business in order to prepare the specialists and managers of tomorrow as best as possible for the professional world.

The aim is to support committed and talented students in both professional and personal development, to give them an insight into corporate practice in the scope of internships and, ideally, to create enthusiasm for the industry and an employment at LUKOIL Lubricants.