Mission Statement

LUKOIL Lubricants Europe aims to be the first address for its clients in defined markets. We want to inspire our clients by providing highest quality of products and service, as well as solutions and additional useful benefits for our clients to generate in this way profitability for both sides. LUKOIL Lubricants Europe contributes significant to the image of the brand LUKOIL.

We want to achieve consistent and long-term growth of our business, transforming LUKOIL into a leading player on European market. We want to be a reliable supplier of our products on the European market. LUKOIL Lubricants Europe will use all available means to achieve these objectives, including further efforts to reduce costs, operating efficiency increases, improvement of product and service quality, and application of the latest technologies. The requirements of the markets and customers will be determined by our management and checked on quality aspects. We admit to a management system that sets targets, measures on a regularly base and works continuous on improvements, for making our work more efficient and to increase the quality of our work.

Because the production facility is surrounded by a nature reserve responsibility for the environment is certainly for us. To meet legal and operational standards with no compromises is a matter of course. Supervisors have to act as a role model.

We commit to treat colleagues, co-workers, suppliers and clients with respect and to support the competence of those in order to have a safe plant. Acuteness, importance, economical or other reasons must not lead to neglecting the quality of our products and services, and especially not to neglecting the work safety. Work- and plant-safety, as well as the protection of the environment have the same significance as all other business processes.

Line managers are responsible for avoidance of injuries and accidents in their area; but this does not release the individual from his responsibility for himself and the surrounding affected by his actions. Priority, Importance or economic reasons of activities must not have influence on compliance with rules and work safety. Effective communication in both directions shall be a central tool for keeping and improving of the security standards.

The collecting of product- and service- complaints help us to run continuous improvement processes and to increase the customer satisfaction and optimization of applied resources. Factors, which are influencing the efficient cooperation of employees or the optimum process flow, are collected, discussed and implemented into a continuous improvement process.

The top management is responsible for the management system. The Top Management ensures that this management system will be operated on basis of economical consideration. All employees are informed about this policy and have to comply with the stated principles.