“RSK-SMBL IT system development into NAV system”





LUKOIL Lubricants Europe GmbH


announces Tender No. LLE-A1834 for


“RSK-SMBL IT system development into NAV system”


Bid submission deadline: 01.10.2018 via courier mail to


Uferstrasse 8, 1220 Vienna, Austria.

Attn: Mrs. Anastasiia Kozhara, Procurement Specialist


To request a copy of the Tender Documentation free of charge:

please contact Anastasia.Kozhara@lukoil.com and include the following information in your e-mail:

full name of your company; mail address; telephone; fax; e-mail address; full name of contact persons and their e-mail addresses.

Registration deadline: 20.09.2018


Lukoil Lubricants Europe GmbH (LUKOIL) is looking for offers for the project of developing and moving its existing RSK-SMBL system into its existing MS NAV system.


Legal entities, domestic and foreign companies, having experience with the implementation of projects similar in nature to the subject of the Tender, may take part in the tender.

LUKOIL reserves the right to change any and all terms and conditions provided here without prior notice.