PRESS RELEASE 2018-04-18 LUKOIL support new concept- "Quicklane"


 PRESS RELEASE 2018-04-16

Our Customers told us about their Wishes - Then the concept “SNABBFILEN” was born.

The best way to find out what customers think is to ask them.

- So that was exactly what we did. And we got unequivocal answers, Staffan Lindewald, CEO of Malte Månson Verkstäder says.

"Give us quality and availability in terms of service and repairs", were the consistent answers.

In response to such a clear customer demand, Malte Månson has developed a whole new service concept – “SNABBFILEN” (translation from Swedish: “QUICKLANE”)

SNABBFILEN is a special designed menu of selected services, based on fixed prices and a time guarantee. Initially, four different services are offered to commonly used truck models from Volvo and Scania - replacement of brakes, clutch and air bellows as well as service.

The concept is now available at 11 of Malte Månson's facilities in central and southern parts of Sweden.

"We will be the first workshop chain in the market to ensure that the customer's vehicle is ready by the minute we promised, Staffan Lindewald explains.”

"The concept is based on close cooperation with our suppliers Rydahls and LUKOIL Lubricants. Together we can promise the time guarantee to our customers. As a starting point the customers who come to our workshops will have a real competitive advantage. We know that the highest priority for our customers is time, and to get their vehicle back on the road again. That is why we launched the concept “SNABBFILEN”

"SNABBFILEN is a very interesting initiative taken by Malte Månson Verkstäder, which we look forward to support," says Erik Rydahl, CEO of Rydahls.

"Malte Månson is an important partner for us and we are enthusiastic about this new investment. We are convinced of a common success, "says Johan Lind, Cluster Manager for LUKOIL Lubricants.

For more information visit www.maltemanson.com or contact Sanna.Lind@Lukoil.com


LUKOIL LUBRICANTS EUROPE is the European subsidiary of LUKOIL Lubricants which was established in 2007. Headquarter was transferred from Vantaa, Finland to Vienna Austria in February 2014 by acquisition of OMV lubricants business in Austria.

It is the first Private owned Russian company which is fully listed on the London Stock Exchange.The main business is production, trading, export of lubricants as well as import of other oil products and chemicals.

Today LUKOIL LUBRICANTS is one of the leaders in the development and production of lubricants made for the most demanding conditions. The wide range of products meet the most advanced operating requirements and specifications of foreign vehicle and equipment manufacturers. LUKOIL is the largest private oil company worldwide by production and got over 150 new approvals from leading OEM manufacturers.

The European market are supplied with finished lubricants only from LUKOIL´s three wholly owned blending plants in Europe. They are located in the harbor of Hamina, Finland, in the heart of Europe Vienna, Austria and in Ploiești in Romania.The three blending plants distribute lubricants to North, Central and Western Europe through LUKOIL Branches and an extensive dealer network.

In 2016 LUKOIL Lubricants Europe completed the production of a reservoir park in Vienna, Austria as the new European hub to optimize the logistics of base oil supplies from Russia and enhance the competitiveness of LUKOIL's end products in Europe.