Storage and Transportation of smaller bulk deliveries from a location in Germany to the German Market

LUKOIL Lubricants Europe GmbH (COMPANY) is inviting you to its tender  LLE-A1709:




The below listed documents form together the tender documentation as a whole:


  1. Tender Information (this document)
  2. Instructions to Bidders (including Forms for preparing the bid)


  1. General information
  1. Tender Owner

LUKOIL Lubricants Europe GmbH

  1. Company (Customer)

LUKOIL Lubricants Europe GmbH

  1. Project/ asset name


  1. Tender number


  1. Tender subject

Storage and Delivery of smaller bulk deliveries from a location in Germany to the German Market

  1. Type of tender

Open tender, two-stage dual-envelope, with reverse auction

  1. Applicable Law


  1. Contract Area


  1. Minimum qualifications
  1. Average annual turnover

200.000 EUR in the last 3 years

  1. Previous experience

experience in similar projects

  1. Required permits, licenses and certificates

Availability of necessary documents that give the right to provide service in the given field of activity (relevant licenses, certificates etc.)

  1. Qualified personnel and certified equipment

According to project requirements

If the Bidder is a subsidiary or a part of a holding, the Bidder can confirm its qualification by providing the information about the parent company's qualification on the following condition:

  • The Bidder provided evidence about the parent company's ownership and control (constituent documents);
  • The Bidder provided the parent company's guarantee



  1. Estimated timing of tender

Until 22.08.2017

Receipt of the requests for the provision of the Tender documentation by the Tender Owner

Until 31.08.2017

Bidders sending the requests for clarifications of the Tender documentation requirements

time 14:00 date 08.09.2017

Bid Submission Deadline

  1. Address and contact information
  1. E-mail addresses for electronic communications

To: tamas.toth@lukoil.com

Cc: anastasia.kozhara@lukoil.com

Include in the Subject field the Tender Number!

  1. Mailing address for written communications

Uferstrasse 8, 1220 Vienna, Austria
Attn: Mr. Tamas Toth

  1. Bid preparation
  1. Bid correspondence language

English, Bidders registered in Germany can provide the documents in German and English. However, English version shall prevail.

  1. Bid currency


  1. Bid Validity

BIDS shall be valid within 90 days following BID submission deadline

  1. Specifics of the taxation in the country of implementation of the project and incorporation of the Customer

According to German legislation

  1. Submission, opening and evaluation of bids
  1. Address and contact details for bid submission

Uferstrasse 8, 1220 Vienna, Austria
Attn: Mr. Tamas Toth

  1. Bid opening place and time


  1. The possibility of bidders’ representatives to attend the bid opening

Technical part: No

Commercial part: yes

  1. The possibility to submit comments to the draft contract

Yes, before bid submission

  1. Bid composition
    The Forms are included in the document “Instructions to Bidders”

Envelope A (Technical Part):

  1. List of Documents in the Envelope A; Form 9
  1. Qualification Data; Form 1
  1. Cover letter to the Bid; Form 2
  1. Delivery / Work Execution / Service Rendering Schedule; Form 5
  1. Parent Company’s Guarantee (if Bidder is fulfilling qualification criteria through its Parent Company); Form 8
  1. Copies of certificates, permits and licenses necessary for the supply of goods / performance of work / provision of services, which are the subject of the Tender
  1. Copy of Bidders’ articles of association
  1. Copy of the Bidder’s certificate of registration as a legal entity
  1. Copy of the Bidder’s tax registration certificate
  1. Copy of financial statements for the past 3 full years certified by the Bidder
  1. Copy of financial statements for the last reporting period of the current year certified by the Bidder
  1. Contract draft without price specification
  1. Quality insurance concept (concept of cleaning tanks, pipes, usage of pumps etc.)
  1. Electronic version of all documents in Envelope A in PDF or MS Word or Excel formats (as applicable) on a data storage device


  1. When the Bidder is represented by a consortium, the abovementioned documents (except for items 3, 4, 5, 7, 10) shall be submitted for each partner separately.
  2. A copy of the consortium agreement shall be provided according to article 11 of the Instruction.
  3. The documents listed in items 3, 4, 5, 7, 10 shall be submitted by the Leading Partner on behalf of all Consortium members.

Envelope B (Commercial Part)

  1. List of Documents in the Envelope B; Form 9
  1. Title Page of the Bid; Form 6
  1. Commercial (price) proposal; Form 7 (in Excel and hard copy)
  1. The electronic version of all documents in Envelope B in PDF or MS Word or Excel formats  (as applicable) on a data storage device




Technical / Service specification

for Tender:

Tender Subject: Storage and Delivery of smaller bulk deliveries from a location in Germany to the German Market

Tender Number: LLE-A1709


  1. – Technical / Service specification


  1. About Us

LUKOIL LUBRICANTS EUROPE is the European subsidiary of LUKOIL Lubricants which was established in 2011. It is the first Private owned Russian company which is fully listed on the London Stock Exchange. The main business is production, trading, export of lubricants as well as import of other oil products and chemicals.

Today LUKOIL LUBRICANTS is one of the leaders in the development and production of lubricants made for the most demanding conditions. The wide range of products meet the most advanced operating requirements and specifications of foreign vehicle and equipment manufacturers. LUKOIL is the largest private oil company worldwide by production and got over 150 new approvals from leading OEM manufacturers.

The European market is supplied with finished lubricants only from LUKOIL´s three wholly owned blending plants in Europe. They are located in Hamina, Finland, in Vienna, Austria and in Ploiești, Romania.

The three blending plants distribute lubricants to North, Central and Western Europe through LUKOIL Branches and an extensive dealer network.


  1. Services tendered

The framework of this Tender is small bulk storage and delivery of finished lubricants in the territory of Germany. Lukoil reserves the right to hand over these services in full to one provider or in packages separately to more providers.


  • Storage Location for up to 20 products and up to 200.000 lt in Germany necessary. Storage can be done in tanks, IBCs or similar storage containers. IBCs should be owned by service provider. Cleaning of the storage unit has to be performed only if product is changed.


  • Products are delivered from LUKOIL’s plants to the warehouse in tank trucks. A sample has to be taken and stored from each batch delivered to the warehouse. Returning volumes from the delivery to the customers have to be consolidated on IDH level, so storage does not have to be on batch level. At the moment two products are delivered in IBCs from a German third-party producer directly to the warehouse. The partner should be ready to accept such deliveries.


  • Delivery of smaller Volumes in the territory of Germany.


  • Pumping of oils into storage tanks of the customer


  1. Order transmission and pick up

Transports ex Warehouse Location in Germany

Delivery is expected on the 4th working day following the order by e-mail (EDI-Connection can be established). Lukoil expects that service provider is using synergies with other customers and is therefore executing the transport planning themselves.



  1. Proof of Delivery

The transport service provider is expected to confirm the delivery with the exact quantities delivered proved by measuring device within 1 working day after delivery.


  1. Volumes

Volumes are indicated in “Attachment 1: Volume overview bulk ex Germany”

The volumes are historic data for the first 5 Month of the year 2017 and are only provided to have an orientation about the size of the business and the basic logistics structures today. Volumes cannot be made part of a contractual agreement that will be done after this tender and no volume commitment can be made. The business plan foresees volume increases.


  1. Expected Service Level

The Service Provider is obliged to keep a service level of 80% on an annual level concerning on time deliveries and undamaged cargo as well as on time proof of delivery. LUKOIL reserves the extraordinary right to cancel the contractual relationship if 2 times in a row the service level of 66% is not met during two consecutive months.

The service provider is expected to trace the deliveries and respond to questions by phone Monday to Friday 8:00-17:00 the latest within 1 hour.


  1. Equipment & Drivers

Deliveries ex Germany are mainly:

  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Engine Oil
  • Transmission Oil


For each product group a separate pump and pipe has to be used or flushing has to be ensured by the service provider. Please provide your quality insurance concept with the tender documents on how you plan to accomplish this.

The measurement shall be done through a counter in Liters and documented on a slip. Customer keeps a copy of the slip.

Drivers should speak German.

Truck and driver have to comply with the local legal requirements and have to be educated on the special requirements of lubricants as cargo.

Ongoing regular safety training and education for the drivers is expected.



  1. Contractual Clauses

The offer should be quoted for a 1 year contract with an option for prolongation. Contract should start the latest beginning of November 2017.


  1. Payment Terms

The invoicing should be done on delivered truck base. The settlement of the invoice will be executed by LUKOIL within 30 days from the end of the month the service was provided.




  1. - Commercial requirements and regulations


  1. Commercial offers


Please quote in the in “Attachment 2 Offer ex Germany storage and distribution.xlsx” in the requested sheets as a lump sum cost per Liter delivered.


There are 2 Options to quote:


Option 1: Flatrate for storage and distribution in Germany per liter

Option2:  Flatrate for certain delivery regions (including storage)


Option 2 gives the opportunity to reduce the area of delivery to only a part of Germany. Nevertheless, it is LUKOILs aim to limit the number of Service Providers as much as possible and commercially rational.


  1. Bid prices

Provisions of the Tender Documentation and its attachments cover the whole scope of Supply and Service to be implemented. The BIDDER is to fill in the relevant columns of the commercial proposal table given in Appendix No. 6 with its prices for each product and lot in accordance with instructions provided.


Any and all applicable taxes, as well as all other duties and obligatory payments shall be included in prices as instructed, but excluding any VAT.


Prices shall be specified by the BIDDER in EURO only. Payments shall be made by the COMPANY in EURO.


  1. BID Validity

BIDS shall be valid within 120 days following BID submission deadline as specified in the Invitation to Tender.

The COMPANY may request the BIDDERS to extend the BID term for a certain period of time.

Such requests and replies to these requests are submitted in writing by e-mail (a scan of the official letter).

The BIDDER who agrees to extend the term of its BID shall have no right or liability to make amendments to its BID.