LUKOIL Lubricants Europe GmbH announces Tender No. LLE-F1703 for “Provision and installation of base oil filtering units for the plant in Hamina (FI)”.

Bid submission deadline: 14:00 on 19.05.2017 via courier mail to

LUKOIL Lubricants Europe GmbH

Uferstrasse 8, A-1220 Vienna, Austria;

attn.: Tamas Toth, Procurement Manager


To request a copy of the Tender Documentation free of charge:
please contact anastasia.kozhara@lukoil.com and include the following information in your e-mail:

full name of your company; mail address; telephone; fax; e-mail address; full name of contact persons and their e-mail addresses.

Registration deadline: 05.05.2017


LUKOIL Lubricants Europe GmbH (COMPANY) is inviting you to its tender LLE-F1703.

The COMPANY with its production is located in the Harbour area of Hamina, Finland. COMPANY is planning to build a new base oil filtering system for the use in its production.

For this reason the COMPANY is asking for offers for planning, delivery, installation and start-up of the complete filtering system, in two alternatives:


Option A: Manual filtering system (Mandatory to place offer)

  • Filtering system will consist of 3 filter units which are coupled to each other in a row. Each filter unit shall have two filter housings with filter media, connected in parallel. When one filter gets too dirty, the other can be used, while the worn out filter media is being replaced.
  • Pressure difference before and after each filter stage shall be monitored. When the pressure difference reaches a defined limit, the system shall trigger an alarm message which is transmitted to the existing process control system (Honeywell)

Option B: Automatic filtering system (Optional to place offer)

  • Instead of the three individual filter stages of Option A, an automated filtering system can be used. It may include a pre-filter and one main filter unit.
  • The system has to be capable to filter without interruption and clean itself automatically
  • The amount of rejected product that is used during cleaning must not be higher than 0,3%.
  • The system has to measure and report the amount of rejected material


The works shall be finished latest in calendar week 26.

Legal entities, domestic and foreign companies, having experience with the implementation of projects similar in nature to the subject of the Tender, which are allowed by the legislation of Finland to perform their activities in Finland, may take part in the tender.

LUKOIL reserves the right to change any and all terms and conditions provided here without prior notice.