LUKOIL Lubricants: New premium motor oil for Mercedes-Benz

Vienna, February 2017. Product innovation is on top of the list for LUKOIL Lubricants. The latest product innovation from the Vienna-based lubricants manufacturer is a new motor oil, LUKOIL GENESIS SPECIAL MC 0W-20.  This special oil was developed for the newest generation of the engines from Mercedes-Benz and has earned MB-Approval 229.71.


Mr. Oleg Tolochko, Managing Director at LUKOIL Lubricants Europe, sees the new product as logical step in the pursuit of the company's strategy: "The newly expanded facility in Vienna enables us to develop new products for the premium segment. Our LUKOIL GENESIS lubricants meet the most demanding requirements and make us a reliable partner for premium automotive manufacturers. The MB-Approval is the best proof of this." LUKOIL Lubricants is one of the only two lubricant manufacturers who have gained MB-Approval 229.71.


Innovative lubricants made in Austria

The new LUKOIL GENESIS motor oil is just one of many product innovations from the new European headquarter in Vienna. LUKOIL Lubricants opened its facility in Vienna's Lobau area last year. The lubricants factory was turned into one of the most modern plants in Europe. The key elements of the expansion are the oil transfer terminal, several additional storage tanks, and the conversion of existing storage tanks into production tanks. This did not only doubled the previous capacity, but also allowed the loading and unloading of ships.


"We have set new standards in environmental protection with the conversion and expansion of our European headquarter. We also laid an optimal foundation for continuous product development in the first-fill segment. The ability to transfer cargo directly from ship to train makes Vienna a potential key hub for LUKOIL in Central and Western Europe. The strategic importance of the Vienna facility will continue to grow in the coming years," said Tolochko.


About LUKOIL Lubricants

LUKOIL Lubricants International Group is the international lubricants division of the largest privately owned Russian petroleum company. In addition to its production facility in Vienna's Lobau area, LUKOIL Lubricants International Holding GmbH with branches in Germany, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey, Dubai, Kazakhstan, and the USA. The company LUKOIL is the largest privately owned holder of oil reserves in Russia and contributes significantly to supply the world's markets. Further information on the LUKOIL product portfolio can be found at: www.lukoil-lubricants.eu




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