LUKOIL Lubricants Austria GmbH announces Tender No. 011-PROD-2015 for a Dissolving Unit for Lubricant Additives.

Bid submission deadline: before 23.11.2015 via currier mail to

LUKOIL Lubricants Austria GmbH
Uferstrasse 8, A-1220 Vienna, Austria;
attn. Tamas Toth

To request a copy of the Tender Documentation free of charge:
please contact tamas.toth@lukoil.com and include the following information in your e-mail:

full name of your company; mail address; telephone; fax; e-mail address; full name of contact persons and their e-mail addresses.


LUKOIL Lubricants Austria GmbH is planning to build a new blending tank for dedicated production of lubricant additives. The piping itself is subject of a separate tender (010-PROD-2015).

The subject of this tender is the specification and delivery of a blending vessel and associated equipment. This includes:

  • detail-engineering of the whole system
  • building and delivery of a double walled vessel
  • delivery of a polymer shredder
  • delivery of a circulation pump.

The system has to be capable to produce 10 tons of product in one batch.

The works shall be done at: Ölhafen Lobau, A-1220 Vienna, Austria.

The Contractor will be responsible for designing, procuring and delivering the system, detailed in the Tender Documents.


Legal entities, domestic and foreign companies, having experience with the implementation of projects similar in nature to the subject of the Tender, which are allowed by the legislation of Austria to perform their activities in Austria in accordance with Austrian legal and technical requirements, may take part in the tender.

Site-visits are available if requested in written form. The visit date must be confirmed by the Company. LUKOIL reserves the right to change any and all terms and conditions provided here without prior notice.